We serve industry leading organizations in both the non profit and for profit sectors.  Our values are well aligned with those of our clients and include integrity, excellence and collaboration.  Expertise includes management succession planning, organization design & development, professional development, career planning, compensation, and benefits.  We also provide customized outplacement assistance.

Our outstanding results, relentless service, and innovative, customized work distinguish us from the competition.  Clients trust us and express outstanding satisfaction, well above industry standards.  Metrics include service, knowledge, and timely results.  We strongly believe earning your trust is the foundation of our success.

It begins with you. With your insights we develop a detailed understanding of your requirements and your organization. Providing outstanding work and results to you is always our top priority.

  • Integrity and excellence are not compromised
  • We are innovative, creative and guarantee our work
  • The structure of engagements is flexible and reasonable
  • We are scalable via longstanding alliances with other outstanding consultants when needed

Professional client and candidate references are available upon request.